Volunteers are at the core of our organization. If you want to make a difference in how our animals are treated, get involved with us.
Even if you don't fall into one of the listed categories, we could still use your help in whatever useful skill you can contribute. Also, you don't have to live in NYC to help--most our volunteers work remotely from areas like CA, DC, VA, IL, etc.
We give every dedicated volunteer AFAR gear and goodies and can offer our extensive network to aid in your career goals. There is merit in becoming a part of the AFAR family so find out how you can help.
Volunteer with Us
  • Bloggers
    • Responsibilities: produce, at minimum, biweekly blog posts about animal welfare and related topics for our blog, of your choice
  • Editors
    • Responsibilites: review all written submissions, draft grant proposals, and check for correctness as well as oversee all written content across our social media, site, and blog
  • Marketing Analysts
    • Responsibilites: create and implement our social media campaigns, outreach strategies, and conduct small research into how they can be improved--in the scope of AFAR's mission
  • User Experience / Interface Designers
    • Responsibilites: creating iterations of our current web interface, using software such as Baslmiq, Axure, Adobe Creative Suite, and conduct small user research (must have some web design / UX / UI experience, but a strong willingness to learn is also acceptable)
  • Front-end Developers
    • Responsibilites: revamp AFAR's technology efforts (website, blog, SM, etc.) using Node.js, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Sass (must have some knowlede of web technologies or at least a strong willingness to learn)
  • Back-end Developers
    • Responsibilites: in charge of updating our database structures, maintaining server, and adding to our CMS using Ubuntu, SQL, NoSQL, Python, Node.js (must be a in software engineering industry, Computer Science student, or show proficiency in server side scripting, database management, and web development across all layers)
  • Publishers
    • Responsibilites: seasoned or newcomer in the publishing industry with exposure to corporate branding, slogan creation, and content revision
  • Videographers
    • Responsibilites: experienced production / video specialist with equipment and proficiency in modern video editing software such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, etc. (preferable local or near NYC, but remote is acceptable)
  • Photographers
    • Responsibilites: experienced photographer with equipment and proficiency in modern photo editing (preferable local or near NYC, but remote is acceptable)
  • Graphic Designers
    • Responsibilites: experienced graphic designer / artist with proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and / or other modern rendering software along with exposure / experience in logo ideation, branding, and billboard marketing (not required but definitely favorable)
  • Event / Program Managers
    • Responsibilites: seasoned event / program manager with experience in fundraising and non-profit events (must show proficient social ability and a willingness to learn non-profit event management)